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A murderous summoner has emerged and is looking to increase his power, directing his monsters to murder anyone in his way. A young boy stumbles out from the forest, bloody and asking for help. He’s been sent to find a former soldier, disgraced and in self-imposed exile, because she may be the only person who truly understands the danger posed by this new foe and has the capacity to stop him.

Ten years have passed since a community of dead villagers seemed to have risen from the grave, and four years have passed since the failed Rescue at Moranthia. The Shatter Teams have disbanded. Calista Strelley has retired to a peaceful, if not particularly fulfilling, life in the rural hinterlands. The boy seeking her help talks of a powerful summoner, gifted with abilities only matched by those spoken about in rumors and battlefield tales. To stop him, Cal will have to rely on her trusty direwolf companion and her old Shatter Team partner, Garrard Dwirisa. They will be joined on their adventure by two orphans with secrets of their own, as well as a former enemy spy who may be more trouble than she is worth.

Their journey will take them deep into the wilderness of the Kingdom of Laurentide and beyond, searching for knowledge and ancient technology that may hold the key to defeating the mad summoner. All the while, the kingdom’s newly installed king is preparing for an annual celebration and monitoring the emergence of a new, puzzling religion.

This game is the third in a series of At Last Alone adventures. Knowledge of previous events is helpful to fully understand some lore, but is not absolutely necessary.

Game Features:

  • Custom tilesets, sprites, music, conversation busts, animations, menus, and fonts
  • Side-view battle system powered by Battle Symphony
  • Custom battle themes by Auron Silverburgh
  • Triple Triad minigame
  • QTE magic system
  • Lockpicking minigame
  • Dungeons with puzzle, stealth, and battle elements
  • Over 100 lovingly created maps
  • Over 400 NPCs sharing game tips, lore, and humor
  • 5+ hour main quest, with 10 optional (but highly encouraged) side quests
  • A script that was at least spell-checked

If you'd like to download a RTP-less version to see how some things were done, please click here. Warning: This is version 1.0 and will not be updated. It's stable enough to look at things, but will not be receiving updates based on player input; only the version in the download link will get all that.

Spoilers and Trigger Warnings
This game was written by an adult and is meant for a more mature audience. If it were a movie, it would be PG-13 maybe? No bewbz or anything, but the game does include discussions about depression and suicide, cannibalism, and child murder. There are also pixellated disembowelings and blood.

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Hi ! First of all, I'd like to thank you for this cool looking game, I just started playing and I'm already so intrigued by the story and amazed by its design. 

I have a question about the sidelocks... I know I could be stupid sometimes but I really can't figure out what to do ^^' I'm not really familiar with the system and I don't really know what buttons should I be using, I'd be grateful for your help and guidance :)

Edit : My stupid self finally figured out how to open them ! Yay ! Though the game keeps crushing sometimes and the more I advance in the game the more frequently it happens. 

Edit2 : I just realized that it was a bug that was preventing me from opening the sidelocks. Sometimes, no matter what button I push, nothing happens, but when I reload the game I finally manage to get the sidelock minigame to work. I thought I'd report this little bug. 


Thanks for playing the game! Sorry it's crashing sometimes... that sucks. 

There is some bug with the key press script I'm using and it will glitch out of you play longer than 30 minutes or so. Or if you transfer a bunch of maps. It's enraging and I cant figure out why. By the time I realized it, the game was essentially done and it would have required tossing out the magic qte system.

I should probably remake it without the qte system... constant crashes is not worth it.

(1 edit)

It's okay, I managed to finish the game despite the bugs ^^ 

The Qte system is really fun so I hope you could find a way to fix it instead of removing it. 

That's so great! Thanks for playing! 😍😍

Nice game, i really love it

Thanks so much! 😍😍